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This page contains links to useful sites.


SEN Information

S.E.N. Code of Practice

Link for the pdf version of the current S.E.N. Code of Practice for England and Wales.

Hands on Scotland

Resources and Information on a wide range of Special Needs topics


Anger Management

Anger Management for Young Children

Helping Children at Home and School  

Get Your Angries Out  

Anger Management information


Behaviour Management


Home page for the Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Association


Discipline Help Centre - Behaviour Management in Education Foundation


Autism Spectrum

101 Noteworthy Sites on Aspergers & Autism Spectrum

A list of 101 useful sites containing information and personal stories relating to Aspergers and the Autism Spectrum.


Talented and Gifted

National Association for Gifted Children

Home page of the UK National Association for Gifted Children


Home Schooling

Education Otherwise

Advice and guidance on home schooling




Nurture Groups

Nurture Groups UK

The Nurture Group Network


Twins and Multiples

Twins development & language

Information about twins

Worksheets Warehouse
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