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Displaced Anger


It is difficult for us to express anger in our society. We are taught from a young age that we should not shout and scream or fly into a rage, but should remain calm and in control at all times. 

Because it is often unacceptable for us to openly express our anger, we learn to hide our anger.

The anger does not go away, it is just hidden and may be displaced to another, often safer, situation.


Example 1:


A child is angry because she has been teased on the way to school. She cannot direct her anger at the bully for fear of recrimination so her anger becomes displaced and is shown in the 'safer' classroom. 


Example 2:


A child is angry because his parents cannot afford for him to go on a school trip. He knows that it is not his parents fault so does not vent his anger. The anger becomes displaced and is taken out on someone else at a later date.


Think about your anger. Is it displaced?

Be aware of displaced anger.

Find a method of controlling anger safely that allows you to release your displaced anger without hurting or upsetting other people.



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